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Type of runtime-error for the Error procedure


Source position: systemh.inc line 1496

type TRuntimeError = (



No error



Out of memory error



Invalid pointer error



Division by zero error



Range check error



Integer overflow error



Invalid operation error



Division by zero error



Overflow error



Underflow error



Invalid (class) typecast error



Access Violation



Privileged instruction error



User pressed CTRL-C



Stack overflow error



Invalid typecase from variant



Invalid variant operation error



Variant Dispatch error.



Variant array creation error



Variant is not an array error.



Variant array bounds error



Assertion failed error



An external exception occurred



Interface typecast error



Safecall (IDispInterface) error



Quit signal error



Code set conversion error



Runtime error if no dynamic library support is available



Runtime error if no thread support is available



TRuntimeError is used in the Error procedure to indicate what kind of error should be reported.

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