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Convert string description to a set.


Source position: typinfo.pp line 431

function StringToSet(

  PropInfo: PPropInfo;

  const Value: string


function StringToSet(

  TypeInfo: PTypeInfo;

  const Value: string



StringToSet converts the string representation of a set in Value to a integer representation of the set, using the property information found in PropInfo. This property information should point to the property information of a set property. The function returns the integer representation of the set. (i.e, the set value, typecast to an integer)

The string representation can be surrounded with square brackets, and must consist of the names of the elements of the base type of the set. The base type of the set should be an enumerated type. The elements should be separated by commas, and may be surrounded by spaces. each of the names will be fed to the GetEnumValue function.

For an example, see SetToString.


No checking is done to see whether PropInfo points to valid property information. If a wrong name is given for an enumerated value, then an EPropertyError will be raised.

See also



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