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Class properties type data record.


Source position: typinfo.pp line 165

type TTypeData = packed record

  case TTypeKind of

    tkUnKnown, tkLString, tkWString, tkVariant, tkUString: (


    tkAString: (

        CodePage: Word;


Codepage for a single-byte string type


    tkInteger, tkChar, tkEnumeration, tkBool, tkWChar, tkSet: (

        OrdType: TOrdType;


Type is an ordinal type

        case TTypeKind of

          tkInteger, tkChar, tkEnumeration, tkBool, tkWChar: (

              MinValue: LongInt;


Minimum value for the (subrange) type.

              MaxValue: LongInt;


Maxmimum value for the (subrange) type.

              case TTypeKind of

                tkEnumeration: (

                    BaseType: PTypeInfo;


Base type on which this type is based.

                    NameList: ShortString;


List of names for an enumerated type



          tkSet: (

              CompType: PTypeInfo;


Comp type



    tkFloat: (

        FloatType: TFloatType;


Float type


    tkSString: (

        MaxLength: Byte;


Maximum length (for a shortstring type)


    tkClass: (

        ClassType: TClass;


Class type

        ParentInfo: PTypeInfo;


Parent class type info

        PropCount: SmallInt;


Property count for class type

        UnitName: ShortString;


Unit name in which type is defined.


    tkRecord: (

        RecSize: Integer;


Record size for records

        ManagedFldCount: Integer;


Number of managed fields (followed by managed field info)


    tkHelper: (

        HelperParent: PTypeInfo;


Type information for parent helper class

        ExtendedInfo: PTypeInfo;


Type information for the extended type (record or class).

        HelperProps: SmallInt;


Number of properties provided by the helper.

        HelperUnit: ShortString;


Unit the helper class is defined in.


    tkMethod: (

        MethodKind: TMethodKind;


Kind of method

        ParamCount: Byte;


Method parameter count

        ParamList: array [0..1023] of Char;


Type data for parameters


    tkProcVar: (

        ProcSig: TProcedureSignature;


Procedure signature for procedure type


    tkInt64: (

        MinInt64Value: Int64;


Minimum Int64 value for subrange type.

        MaxInt64Value: Int64;


Maximum int64 value for subrange type.


    tkQWord: (

        MinQWordValue: QWord;


Minimum QWord value for a subrange type.

        MaxQWordValue: QWord;


Maximum QWord value for a subrange type.


    tkInterface: (

        IntfParent: PTypeInfo;


Parent interface type data.

        IntfFlags: TIntfFlagsBase;


Interface flags

        GUID: TGuid;


GUID identification for interface

        IntfUnit: ShortString;


Interface unit.


    tkInterfaceRaw: (

        RawIntfParent: PTypeInfo;


Raw interface parent.

        RawIntfFlags: TIntfFlagsBase;


Raw interface parent flags.

        IID: TGuid;


GUID identifying raw interface.

        RawIntfUnit: ShortString;


Raw interface unit.

        IIDStr: ShortString;


IID string representation of interface


    tkArray: (

        ArrayData: TArrayTypeData;


Array element data


    tkDynArray: (

        elSize: PtrUInt;


Dynamical array element size

        elType2: PTypeInfo;


Dynamical array Element type

        varType: LongInt;


Dynamical array element type

        elType: PTypeInfo;


Dynamical array Element type

        DynUnitName: ShortStringBase;


Unit name


    tkClassRef: (

        InstanceType: PTypeInfo;


Pointer to instance type data


    tkPointer: (

        RefType: PTypeInfo;


Type info for referred type (Nil for untyped pointer)




If the typeinfo kind is tkClass, then the property information follows the UnitName string, as an array of TPropInfo records.

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