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February 23rd, 2013

FPC 2.6.2 has been released! 2.6.2 is a fixes update from the 2.6.x branch

The new features include, amongst others:

See the changelog for the list of reported bugs which have been fixed in this release.

Downloads are available from the download page (mirrors should follow soon).

Some archives are still being uploaded

A list of changes that may require changes to existing code is also available.

February 13th, 2013

The FreePascal team is pleased to announce official support for native Android targets in the trunk SVN repository.

In addition to the existing Android support using the Java VM target, you can now use the FreePascal compiler to generate native executables and libraries. You can now speed up your performance critical code on x86 and ARM CPUs writing in Object Pascal.

We hope that the Android target will attract new and old developers. It may still be a little rough on the edges. We appreciate your feedback and further contributions.

Read more about how to use native Android support at Android Wiki page

  • October 21st, 2012
    • Recently, considerable progress has been reached with regard to support of new CPU architectures. This includes not only new support for MIPS processors running in both little endian and big endian modes (contributed mostly by Florian, Pierre and external contributors like Fuxin Zhang), but most notably also revived support for Motorola 68000 family. M68k was originally the second architecture supported by FPC even before release 1.0, but this target has been dormant since the transition to FPC 2.x and now is resurrected mostly by Sven. The compiler can be natively compiled for M68000 and M68020 (although not necessarily fully working there yet) and support for modern Coldfire CPUs is now in mostly working state too. Some functionality still needs finishing (e.g. threadvars which impacts StdIO among others), but created binaries already run successfully in QEMU. As of now, the goal is to support m68k-linux and maybe also m68k-embedded. Contributors for any other operating systems like Amiga, AROS or even classic Mac OS are - as usual - welcome.

  • March 23th, 2012
    • The Free Pascal and Lazarus wiki has been moved to a new server. Also the wiki software has been upgraded to the latest Mediawiki version. Because porting the custom Free Pascal skin to the new version was too time consuming the default monoskin is used now. Therefore you will notice changes in its appearance.

  • January 1st, 2012
    • FPC 2.6.0 has been released! 2.6.0 is a major new version, which adds many post-Delphi 7 language features and adds or improves the support for various platforms.

      The new features include, amongst others:

      • Objective-Pascal dialect, supported on all Mac OS X and iOS targets
      • Delphi compatibility mode improvements
        • Nested types, class variables and class local constants
        • Advanced records syntax (no constructors yet)
        • (for..in) Enumerators in records
        • Class and record helpers
        • Generic records, arrays and procedural types
        • Delphi-compatibility of general generics syntax improved
        • Scoped enumerations
        • Custom messages for "deprecated" directive
        • Ability to use "&" for escaping keywords
      • New ARM code generator features
        • ARM VFPv2 and VFPv3 floating point unit support
        • Thumb-2 support (embedded targets only)
      • The rtl and packages also got a lot of attention, see the release manifest.

      See the changelog for the list of reported bugs which have been fixed in this release.

      Downloads are available from the download page (mirrors should follow soon).

      A list of changes that may require changes to existing code is also available.

    • August 20th, 2011
      • The Free Pascal Compiler now can generate byte code for a Java Virtual Machine.

        The codegenerator works and supports most Pascal language constructs. The FPC backend for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) generates Java byte code that conforms to the specifications of the JDK 1.5 (and later). While not all FPC language features work when targeting the JVM, most do and we have done our best to introduce as few differences as possible.

        More information about the JVM backend can be found on the wiki.

    • May 30th, 2011
      • A book on programming lazarus is available: "Lazarus Complete Guide".

        It is the translation of the earlier German edition by C&L and is published by the dutch pascal user group. Several of the Lazarus/Free Pascal developers participated in the creation of this book.

        It can be ordered on-line here.

    • May 22th, 2011
      • A new release 2.4.4 is available from our sites. 2.4.4 is the second and probably last fixes release from the 2.4 series. Improvements, amongst others:
        • Many improvements to the XML units
        • Many improvements to the database units.
        • Specially sqlite got quite some fixes.
        • Many improvements to the chm units.
        • Including a commandline CHM compiler
        • Many improvements to fppkg and fpmake for another round of testing.
        • Fixes for multi-threading support in OS/2 RTL.

        See http://bugs.freepascal.org/changelog_page.php for the list of reported bugs which have been fixed in this release.

        Downloads are available from the download page (mirrors should follow soon).
        A list of changes that may require changes to existing code is available here.
    • November 12th, 2010
      • A new release 2.4.2 is available from our sites. 2.4.2 is the first fixes release from the 2.4 series. Improvements, amongst others:
        • Delphi 2006 like for..in support
        • Support for sealed and abstract class modifiers,
        • new targets
          • 64-bit FreeBSD (x86_64)
        • Many improvements and fixes to the XML, database and CHM packages
        • Long term bug in OS/2 implementation of unit Video finally fixed which among others allows inclusion of the text-mode IDE (without debugger) for this platform as part of the distribution again.
        • Many compiler bugfixes and more than half an year of library updates (since 2.4.0)
        Downloads are available from the download page (mirrors should follow soon).
        A list of changes that may require changes to existing code is available here.
    • January 1st, 2010
      • Happy New Year! A new major version 2.4.0 has been released. The 2.4.x series adds, among others,
        • Delphi like resources for all platforms,
        • Dwarf debug information improvements,
        • Several new targets
          • 64-bit Mac OS X (x86_64/ppc64)
          • iPhone (Mac OS X/Arm)
          • Haiku (from the BeOS family)
          • Improved ARM EABI support
        • Whole program optimization
        • Many compiler bugfixes and half an year of library updates (since 2.2.4)
        Downloads are available from the download page (mirrors should follow soon).
        A list of changes that may require changes to existing code is available here.
    • November 9, 2009
      • The first FPC 2.4.0 release candidate has been posted, please give your feedback!

        While FPC 2.4.0 will primarily offer under-the-hood changes and bug fixes, the current svn trunk has seen quite some work recently on the new features front:

        • For..in-loops are now supported (including some FPC-specific extensions).
        • The compiler now understands sealed and abstract classes, and final methods.
        • Together with the Mac Pascal community, we have designed and implemented a basic Objective-Pascal dialect for directly interfacing with Objective-C on Mac OS X (including header translations of several Cocoa frameworks).
        • The Mac OS X interfaces have been updated to their Mac OS X 10.6 state (including 64 bit and iPhoneOS support).

    • September 17, 2009
      • (The previously posted information about Mac OS X 10.6 compatibility was unfortunately incorrect, which is why it was removed). FPC 2.2.4 has been tested with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and generally works fine. There is however an issue when compiling dynamic libraries with FPC under Mac OS X 10.6 due to a bug in the Xcode 3.2 linker. Unforuntately, there is no easy fix when using FPC 2.2.4. The full discussion can be found in this bug report, with a summary in the last comment.
    • August 20, 2009
      • The 2009 International Olympiad in Informatics has been won by the 14 years old Henadzi Karatkevich using Free Pascal. For this contest only the gcc and Free Pascal compilers were allowed. Lazarus was available as editor.
    • June 25, 2009
      • During the last months a lot of work on the embedded support of Free Pascal has been done. FPC can be used now to program microcontrollers without any operating system. The current status, an explanation how to use it and the supported controllers (only a few so far) can be found at the FPC Wiki.
    • April 12, 2009
      • The new stable version 2.2.4 has been released. Downloads are available from the download page (mirrors should follow soon). This is mostly a bugfix version, although some new features have been backported as well. A list of changes that may require changes to existing code is available here. With this release we also want to test our new package system. More information about this test can be found here
    • February 14, 2009
      • Computer & Literatur Verlag has translated the Free Pascal manuals to German and bound them in a book. The book also contains the reference guide for the 17 most important units distributed with Free Pascal. It should be available in book shops in the German-speaking countries in Europe.
    • January 17, 2009
      • The FPC team is happy to announce the first widely distributed beta of the FPC iPhone SDK Integration Kit, which allows you to compile Pascal code for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It supports both the Simulator and the real devices, and includes an Xcode template with an OpenGL ES demo. It requires an Intel Mac with FPC 2.2.2 (or a later FPC 2.2.x) and the iPhone SDK 2.x installed. Please visit the wiki page for more information and the download link.
    • August 11, 2008
      • The new stable version 2.2.2 is released. Downloads are available from the download page (mirrors should follow soon). This is mostly a bugfix version, although some new features have been backported as well. Some code suspected of Borland copyright infringement was replaced with a cleanroom implementation. A list of changes that may require changes to existing code is available here.
    • September 10, 2007
      • OS-News has published an article about the new FPC compiler and cross-platform development. A Dutch version is available on our Wiki.
      • The Free Pascal Compiler team is pleased to announce the release of FPC 2.2.0!

        An overview of most changes is available here, but some highlights are:

        • Architectures: PowerPC/64 and ARM support
        • Platforms: Windows x64, Windows CE, Mac OS X/Intel, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS support
        • Linker: fast and lean internal linker for Windows platforms
        • Debugging: Dwarf support and the ability to automatically fill variables with several values to more easily detect uninitialised uses
        • Language: support for interface delegation, bit packed records and arrays and support for COM/OLE variants and dispinterfaces
        • Infrastructure: better variants support, multiple resource files support, widestrings are COM/OLE compatible on Windows, improved database support

        The release notes can be found here.

        Downloads are available at http://www.freepascal.org/download.var

    • May 20, 2007
      • After years of development the new fpc version 2.2.0, version 2.1.4 aka 2.2.0-beta is released. The beta will be available for about two months whereafter 2.2.0 will be released. We ask all our users to test this release, and report bugs on the bug-tracker. If you want to know if your bug is already solved, you can look it up in mantis, or try one of the daily snapshots, based on the fixes_2_2 branch. So please help us make version 2.2.0 the most stable version of Free Pascal to date. List of changes can be found here. The releasenotes are also available. Please note that there are some intentional incompatibilities with previous versions, for an overview click here.
    • March 28, 2007
      • MORFIK has released version of its WebOS AppsBuilder. It is the first version of AppsBuilder that uses FPC to create the backend.
    • February 1, 2007
      • The Pascal Game Development annual contest is starting. This years theme is "Multiplexity": write a game that combines multiple game genres. Can you write a game in Free Pascal? Then sign up now!
    • January 27, 2007
      • MSEGUI and MSEIDE version 1.0 has been released. MSEIDE is a Rapid Application Development tool to build graphical Windows and Linux applications using the MSEGUI user interface framework. The Free Pascal team wishes the MSEGUI/MSEIDE developers their congratulations and best wishes for this milestone.
    • January 15, 2007
      • The Pascal Game Development annual contest will start on 1 February. Can you write a game with Free Pascal? You might win several prizes. More information will follow.
    • December 24, 2006
      • A book about Free Pascal has been published in Hungary. The 270 pages book teaches the Pascal language from the start and also covers the advanced language features.
    • December 14, 2006
      • Ido Kanner will be giving an FPC lecture at HAIFUX, which is a Linux club at the Technion University in Haifa, on Monday, January 15, 2007. This lecture will be repeated at Telux, a [University] Linux club in Tel Aviv.
    • November 25-26, 2006
      • Lazarus and FPC will be on the HCC in Utrecht, Netherlands in the HCC Pascal booth
    • September 27, 2006
      • Lazarus and FPC will be on the Systems 2006 in Munich in October in hall A3 booth 542. We will try to be there on all 5 days. You can find more information about the Systems 2006 here.
    • September 25, 2006
    • September 20, 2006
      • In addition to the originally published builds for release 2.0.4, powerpc-macos and x86_64-linux .deb packages have been made available (thanks to Olle Raab and Stefan Kisdaroczi). As usually, go to the download page to select your nearest mirror.
    • August 28, 2006
      • Long awaited release 2.0.4 is finally out (go here to select the nearest mirror), bringing you lots of fixes and some enhancements (remember this is primarily a bug-fix release for 2.0.x series, whereas new development is happening in 2.1.x branch) over the previous released version 2.0.2 (or even 2.0.0, because builds for more platforms than in version 2.0.2 are available this time). List of changes can be found here.
    • August 10, 2006
      • The Free Pascal compiler (version 2.1.1) first compiled itself on AmigaOS 4.0 (PowerPC).
    • July 19 2006
      • We are approaching new release (2.0.4) in our bug-fixing branch. Release candidate 2 cycle is running at the moment, final release is expected during August.
    • June 1 2006
    • April 2006 summary
    • March 2006 summary

      Lots of new progress in March, but too busy coding to update the website, so this entry will be a summary of progress on the main (2.1.1) branch:

      • Thomas Schatzl is making good progress with the linux 64-bit PowerPC port. A snapshot is here
      • Peter did a Titanic work, and crafted an internal linker for win32 and win64, reducing linking times tremendously. For such a complex new subsystem, it is already quite stable.
      • DWARF debugging info support is slowly starting to work. Stabs will be phased out in time.
      • Florian just showed a first "Hello world" program for Win64. This is remarkable since GCC and the binutils don't even support this target. (Internal linker!)
      • Jonas reported that he has ported to Darwin/i386 with remarkable little effort. Snapshots are expected in the coming weeks.
    • February 15, 2006
      • An FPC port for Solaris/Sparc has been created. Get a snapshot here.
    • February 7, 2006
    • February 6, 2006
      • Free Pascal has been ported to SkyOS! A proof of concept can be downloaded here.
    • January 10, 2006
    • December 8, 2005
      • FPC 2.0.2 is ready for download. 2.0.2 is mainly a bug fix release for 2.0.0. The whatsnew.txt can be found here.
    • September 22, 2005
      • The Pixel image editor is one of the projects which show the power of FPC: Pavel Kanzelsberger made an image editing program using FPC which works on 8 platforms and which beat even programs like GIMP, PaintShop Pro and PhotoImpact according to a recent test of a Czech Computer magazin. Today, version 1.0 beta 5 was released.
    • August 22, 2005
      • ARM port of Free Pascal can now be used to develop games for the Gameboy Advance. See the Pascal Game Development site for more information.
    • August 18, 2005
      • Free Pascal can be installed on Fedora from the Fedora Extras. To do so, add Extras to your Yum-repository (see here for instructions) and then install using
        yum install fpc
        Documentation and src-package for Lazarus are available with
        yum install fpc-doc
        yum install fpc-src
    • 16 May 2005
      • OSNews features an article written by Free Pascal developer Daniël Mantione today.
    • 15 May 2005
      • Free Pascal 2.0 is released! Go get it at one of the mirrors! This is the first stable release of the development branch we started five years ago. The 2.0 release is technically vastly superior to version 1.0 and has everything in it to belong to the select group of big compilers.
    • 30 Mar 2005
      • The task of porting the Free Pascal Compiler to Linux/PowerPC64 has been added to IBM's Linux On Power contest, which means you can earn a PowerMac dual G5/2GHz by completing this port! More information in this post to the fpc-devel mailing list.
    • 24 Feb 2005
      • A second release candidate for 2.0 has been released. It has been released as version 1.9.8. Read more. Get it.
    • 10 Feb 2005
      • Because of an IP address change the freepascal.org domain was not reachable for a day. The DNS changes will take a couple of days until things settle down again.
    • 01 Jan 2005
      • The FPC development team wishes you a happy new year and announces the first 2.0 release candidate. It has been released as version 1.9.6. Read more.
    • 01 Jan 2005
      • For the first time there is a Free Pascal beta release for classic Mac OS.
    • 05 Nov 2004
      • There is now also arm/linux cross compiler available. You can download the i386/linux to arm/linux cross compiler snapshot from here.
    • 03 Nov 2004
      • The x86_64 (aka. AMD64) compiler is progressing nicely so we created a snapshot. You can download the x86-64/Linux snapshot here.
    • 22 Sep 2004
      • Today the Sparc compiler compiled itself on a Sparcstation 5 and a UltraSparc, both running Linux.
        Update:You can download a Sparc/Linux snapshot here.
    • 6 June 2004
    • 31 May 2004
      • A third public beta for 2.0 has released as version 1.9.4. PowerPC is stable and has now also support for Mac OS X.
    • 02 May 2004
      • The first 64-bit port has arrived. Tonight, FPC compiled itself for the first time on a 64-bit system. The system was of the AMD64 type.
    • 16 March 2004
      • The missing compiler versions for 1.0.10 are now uploaded; these consists of the AmigaOS, Solaris, QNX and BeOS compilers. Sorry for the late delay (Carl).
    • 30 January 2003
      • The quest continues: The 1.9.3 compiler runs on the ARM processor. The Zaurus is now capable of running FPC and FPC compiled programs !
    • 11 January 2004
      • A second public beta for 2.0 has released as version 1.9.2, improvements all around, but powerpc is coming along more than nicely, so there is a linux/powerpc release. This release is also the first where the x86 codegenerator has register parameters.
    • 5 November 2003
      • A first public beta, taken from the development branch, has been released. To celebrate that, the version has been upped to 1.9. For now only full archives for the Go32V2, win32, FreeBSD and Linux platforms on the intel (x86) architecture are available We hope the number of platforms and architectures will steadily expand during the 1.9.x beta series, which will culminate ultimately in the 2.0 release.
    • 21 October 2003
      • The work on the first 2.0 beta is progressing nicely and a first release is scheduled for 1st November. However, this first beta will be available only for linux-i386, win32-i386 and freebsd-i386. Preparing beta releases for more OSes would take too much time of the core developers. Of course, any volounteer is welcome to help us to prepare beta releases for other OSes. Beta releases of linux-powerpc and linux-sparc will be released a few weeks later.

        To avoid confusion: this will be the first release of the 1.1 development branch compiler. The packages, compiler etc. will get the version number 1.9.x. As soon as the final release is released, the version will be changed to 2.0.0.

    • 25 September 2003
      • Merging of the new register allocator has largely finished, and focus is shifting to get a first 2.0 beta for testing purposes out later this year. The Future Plans (Roadmap) page has been updated with some details about what to expect for the 2.0 series of compilers
    • 1 September 2003
      • www.freepascal.org took part in an online demonstration against the introduction of software patents in Europe. The protest page can still be seen here. Note that while the situation is not as bad as it looks there, it is a realistic possibility. The mentioned patent is real, and the currently proposed directive would make it (and many other already - illegally - granted trivial software patents) enforceable in Europe. However, thanks to the massive protest, the vote has been delayed till 22nd September and several politicians are opening their eyes. Thanks for your understanding!
    • 11 July 2003
      • Finally, the long awaited successor to 1.0.6 is out. It is called 1.0.10, and is a (mostly) fixes release. The reason for skipping 1.0.8 is that the release process took too long, and temporary files have been exposed too long on the FTP site, so the FPC team decided to make the final release 1.0.10.

        This release is expected to be the absolute last release in the 1.0 fixbranch. Development will now be completely focused on the main branch (1.1) where significant progress has been made lately (SPARC and PPC ports).

    • 7 July 2003
      • Today, "Hello world!" worked for the first time under Linux/SPARC. This means the SPARC code generator is now minimally working!
    • 25 May 2003
      • Yesterday, "make cycle" worked for the first time under Linux/PPC. This means the PowerPC code generator is now fairly stable. Someone (Olle Raab) is working on a classic Mac OS Run Time Library and the Darwin RTL is being worked on as well. Hopefully we'll have something distributable in the next few weeks!
    • 24 January 2003
      • The mailing lists are now working again.
    • 22 January 2003
      • The mailing lists are currently out of order because the server which runs the mailing lists has a problem. We'll take this opportunity to update this server on Friday, so the mailing lists will be back at weekend.
    • 19 January 2003
      • A 1.0.7 compiler snapshot for classic Amiga is now available from the freepascal ftp site.
    • 12 January 2003
      • Debugging of the 1.0.7 compiler is coming along nicely. Normally, a release candidate for 1.0.8 should be done very soon. Also, with the 1.0.8 release, linux-m68k and Amiga-m68k versions of the compiler will also be released.
      • The 1.1 compiler is also coming along nicely, currently a new register allocator scheme is being designed to help optimize register usage.
    • 17 October 2002
      • A linux-m68k snapshot (version 1.0.7) of the compiler is now available here. An amiga-m68k snapshot (version 1.0.7) should follow soon.
    • 24 September 2002
      • During the last days, the 1.0.x compiler compiled itself for the first time. The job was done on a 50 MHz Mac IIci (68030), under NetBSD, and the compilation took over 3 hours.
        It seems that the multiplatform FPC compiler is finally starting to become reality.
    • 23 September 2002
      • The PalmOS port of the compiler has been removed, as it is not in a usable state.
    • 6 September 2002
      • The PowerPC port is finally progressing nicely. Under Linux, we can already get a "Hello world" on screen (followed by a number of "RunTime Error" messages and a kernel crash :), but we're making progress. The Darwin RTL has also been started.
    • 10 july 2002
      • There were problems with the 1.0.6 installers for both OS/2 (Warp 3.0 or earlier), and Windows (Win95/98/Me). These are now fixed in the FPC 1.0.6 distributions. Sorry for the inconveniences.
    • 24 may 2002
      • There were problems with the FPC 1.0.6 linux RPM, where the 1.0.6 beta build was actually released as an official release. On the command-line if ppc386 -i gives out Free Pascal Compiler version 1.0.6-beta, you do not have the latest official release of the linux compiler. Please re-install the linux RPM version which is located on the FTP site (that one should really now be the 1.0.6 release). Sorry for the inconveniences.
    • 4 may 2002
      • QNX version has been released, based on the 1.0.6a source. 1.0.6a is similar to version 1.0.6, except for patches applied to make the QNX version compile.
    • 30 April 2002
      • After some weeks of pre-release testing, 1.0.6 is finally released.
    • 27 Februrary 2002
      • The Freepascal site was down for a few days, due to an ISP change.
    • 17 December 2001
      • Solaris-intel port of Free Pascal is completed. Snapshots (v1.0.x) can be downloaded in the development section.
      • system unit of BeOS is now called system instead of sysbeos.
    • 15 november 2001
      • New FAQ which is more comprehensive.
    • 19 september 2001
      • Web sites updated (removed invalid links and some general cleanup)
      • Freepascal version 1.0.6 will be released very soon (with a much more stable IDE and updated documentation)
      • We are working hard on stabilizing the Motorola 680x0 port (the compiler can compile cycle itself on linux-m68k)
      • Version 1.1 of Freepascal is still being worked on, stay tuned for more information
    • 23 August 2001
      • The m68k version has been updated, a beta version for the PalmOS is available here.
      • A short description can be found here.
    • 21 May 2001
      • The website has a new layout. Because the 1.0.4 version is quite stable there is no new release and we're working mainly on the 1.1 development branch.
    • 31 December 2000
      • Version 1.0.4 of the Free Pascal Compiler has been officially released. Hit the download link and select a mirror close to you to download your copy.
    • 7 November 2000
      • A beta FreeBSD version 1.0.2 is now available for download
      • A post 1.0.2 snapshot that addresses some problems with terminals is available on the FTP site.
    • 19 October 2000
      • The OS/2 version 1.0.2 is now also available for download.
    • 12 October 2000
      • Version 1.0.2 of the Free Pascal Compiler has been officially released. Hit the download link and select a mirror close to you to download your copy.
    • 12 September 2000
      • A community site has been set up. For now there are online discussion forums, in the future we will expand the community site.
    • 3 September 2000
      • The (Online) HTML Documentation now also contains the examples, just like the PDF Documentation
    • 31 July 2000
      • We've updated the Dos version of the installer (which is also included in the OS/2 and DosW32 packages) to fix the reported crashes under OS/2 and WindowsNT. Also the false "Error -2 -- Disk full?" errors have been fixed. If you had problems with the old install.exe, you can download a new one from the download page. See also this FAQ question.
    • 12 July 2000
      • Version 1.00 of the Free Pascal Compiler has been officially released. Hit the download link and select a mirror close to you to download your copy.
    • 16 April 2000
      • The FreeBSD compiler compiled itself for the first time. From now on, development FreeBSD snapshots will be uploaded to the FreePascal ftp site. when important features are implemented or fixed
    • 25 February 2000
      • Version 0.99.14a has been released for Dos,Win32. It contains fixes for the readln and graph bugs. And the installer problems have been fixed.
        Get it at one of the mirrors (USA mirrors of the FTP site only can be found in the links section).
    • 22 February 2000
      • C&L ships the first edition of the German translation of the free pascal manuals. German users can order the book from from the C&L website.
    • 7 February 2000
      • There was a bug in the compiler which caused the graph unit of the Dos version to crash on startup of any graphical program if you didn't turn on smart linking. The solutions are to always use smart linking when compiling graph programs (use the -XX command line option) or to get a snapshot (or wait for the next release). Some other things already fixed/added since the 0.99.14 release:
        • bug in the installer which caused false insufficient diskspace alerts
        • bug in readln which causes empty lines to be returned when the end of the text buffer is reached (and in some other cases, even if there are none) (already in the OS/2 release, because it came out later)
        • bug in the Linux graph unit which caused a crash on many systems and only B&W output on others
        • addition of a lineinfo unit, which, when your program crashes, adds file/line number information behind the printed addresses (also for the heaptrace output)!!
    • 4 February 2000
      • The OS/2 version of Free Pascal 0.99.14 has been released today! Go get it at one of the mirrors! (USA mirrors of the FTP site only can be found in the links section).
    • 31 January 2000
      • A fixed version of install.sh for the linux tar installation is available here. This version will fix the problem with the wrong symlink and sources.tar typo.
    • 27 January 2000
      • Version 0.99.14 (aka 1.0beta4) has been released for Dos,Win32 and Linux! Go get it at one of the mirrors! (USA mirrors of the FTP site only can be found in the links section).
    • 7 January 2000
      • As you may have noticed, it's been a long time since the news has been updated. In the mean time, development has continued though! Soon, we'll release version 0.99.14 of the compiler which will be a final candidate for version 1.0. Some weeks later, we'll (finally) release version 1.0.
      • As always, you can get the latest compiler and RTL in the form of a snapshot in the development section if you want to see what we've done since the last official release.
      • A new section has been added: programmer tools. It contains documentation for all helper programs included with FPC. Check it out!
    • 26 July 1999
      • Bugfix version 0.99.12b has been released for Dos,Win32 and Linux. You can download it here.
      • For linux the source rpm's and debian sources are also available on ftp and download page
      • Default documentation is now in PDF format which looks much better.
    • 25 June 1999
      • Version 0.99.12 (aka 1.0beta3) has been released! Go get it at one of the mirrors! (USA mirrors of the FTP site only can be found in the links section)
      • The Free Pascal newsletter 06/99 is available.
    • 9 April 1999
      • Snapshots for the IDE are now available from the development page.
      • If you want to use the daily source packages you also need the "base" package, installation notes are included in that package.
    • 15 January 1999
      • 0.99.10 for OS/2 & Dos released
    • 23 December 1998
      • Released Version 0.99.10 (aka 1.0 beta 2).
      • The IDE is progressing nicely and will be included with the next version.